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 * Restoration/Renovation * New Structure Installation *

*Small & Large Scale Shade System Installation/Maintenance

* Boilers * Irrigation Systems * Temperature & Humidity Controls *

* Greenhouse Consultation * 



RSI services Public & Private Educational Organizations, Commercial Facilities & Conservatories & Cannabis Growers.


Our customer locations range from Iowa to Massachusetts and as far south as Texas, New Orleans and the Florida Keys.



Our Clientele List includes:


Cornell University,

Harvard University,

The National Aviary,

Phipps Conservatory-Pittsburgh,

Cheney Mansion-Chicago,

Bird Haven-Joliet

Waldorf School-Brooklyn.


R.S.I. has expertise in a wide range of greenhouse services from complete historic replication of wooden Lord & Burnham structures to the installation of the newest Greenhouses. 

R.S.I. is experienced in Cannabis boiler heating system installations and specialized mechanical services. 


For Customized Service: 

K.C. Wiegand at 606-584-8112,

Melissa Wiegand at 606-407-3650,

Barb King at 606-584-8110,



We replace, renovate, build and maintain a wide variety of Greenhouses, helping you to nurture and display healthy plants 365 days a year. 

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