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Greenhouse Services Include:

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Complete Renovation

Renovation Example:

  • Complete Destruction from Fallen Tree

  • Used both newly manufactured and existing components which included new operable vents and radiant heating system

  • Approved by the Ohio Historical Society

Historical  Restoration

Restoration Example:

  • Pittsburgh Phipps Conservatory.

  • Historic Restoration to Original 1890's Lord & Burnham ribbed design.  

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New Greenhouse Installation 

Brands We Specialize in:

  • Ludy

  • Rough

  • Van Wingerden

  • Underglass Manufacturing

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Large & Small Scale Shade & Blackout Systems &
Bellow Screen Systems

 Installation & Maintenance
  • Custom Roll-Up, Push/Pull & Cable Drive Shade Systems

    • ​New Installations

    • Repair/Renovations

    • Upgrades

  • ​Wadsworth Systems - Powerpull

  • Van Wingerdan - Custom Design

  • Rough Brothers - Powerpull, Rollup, Sidewall

  • Holland Gaas Bellow Screen Systems

University & Cannabis Industry  Water Irrigation/Reclamation System
Temperature/Humidity Controls
 Installation & Maintenance
  • University Horticulture Department's Research Facilites

  • Canibus Medicinal Growing Facilities

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Final Product

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