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We Enjoy being part of the community, educational system and business world through plants!  It is so rewarding returning a structure which has been neglected or in need of repair back to full functionality.  


Whether you are a............ 

  • University or School conducting horticulture studies,

  • Conservatory displaying blossoms for public appreciation,

  • Cannabis Growers supporting the Medicinal Industry,

  • Business offering a variety of plants for sale 

RSI can help you.  


Phipps Serpentine Completed.JPG

We have been supporting Greenhouse Restorations/Installations since 2002 and Cannabis Systems since 2016.

RSI territory ranges from Upstate New York, to South Texas and as far West as Arizona.  


RSI has saved numerous Greenhouses neglected over time or destroyed due to extreme weather conditions.  

The team members of RSI take pride in bringing those structures back to their full elegance. 


Majority Owner/CEO- Melissa Santana Wiegand Texas A&M Graduate w/B.S. Industrial Engineering

Owner/COO-K.C. Wiegand Texas A&M Graduate w/Masters in Geomorphology & Cornell College Graduate w/B.S. Geology


Cannabis Workers Boiler Install.JPG

"We appreciate historic  glass structures and horticulture.  This niche market fulfills the combination of our artistic, architectural and ecological passion."

KC Wiegand

We Look Forward toWorking with You!
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Your Lead Team:

  • Melissa S. Wiegand - CEO/Owner

    • Former Technical/Quality/Environmental Manager Paper Industry

    • 15 years Environmental/Sustainability Experience

  • K.C. Wiegand- Director of Operations/Owner

    • Former Geologist for British Petroleum 

    • Former Geo-Science Teacher Private & Public Colleges

    • 19 years Renovation/New Construct Greenhouses Experience

  • Barb King-Accounts & Purchasing Manager

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